To stem violence against women, men must step up

Click here to read the CNN article referenced in the audio lecture that was written by feminist and social justice educator, Don McPherson.

Interesting note:  Don McPherson is featured in the film The Line.  Nancy talks with him when she is trying to make sense of what happened to her.  In the film, he tells her “we raise women to survive in a rape culture, yet we do nothing to talk to men about not raping.”

One thought on “To stem violence against women, men must step up

  1. I personally love this article and everything it stands for. Although violence is not solely directed towards women, women seem to get most of it. Advertisements that show men being forceful with women, the way men talk about women in front of younger boys, and the violence against women we see on television are all harmful to this cause. By one man not talking poorly about women, or showing how to properly respect a woman could change another man’s opinion and create a domino effect. I personally have made it a goal of mine to teach my younger boy cousins how to respect a woman. Whenever any of them make a sexist joke or call a girl a “slut” or another offensive term I immediately correct them and show them the error of their ways. Now that most of them have grown up a bit they have become great gentlemen who treat women as equals, not objects. The power is in the numbers, if men can come together to stand up against domestic violence then maybe our society can start to change the way we think. Men hold the power to change the minds of others and to help stop domestic violence.

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