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My life in terms of Longwood’s Honor College three pillars; scholarship, service, and community.


One of the main reasons I chose to attend Longwood was because of how I felt when I toured Longwood for the first time. I automatically felt a sense of community. All of the traditions that Longwood has brings the student body closer together. Since joining my sorority Alpha Beta Psi, I have met a lot more people from all class levels. Whenever I am having a bad day, there is always someone around campus to be there for me.


All throughout high school I volunteered at many local organizations because I enjoy helping others. I hoped that when I went off to college, I would not lose my drive to help others and I did not. During my first year at Longwood I participated in Relay for Life through my sorority Alpha Beta Psi. I also donated face mask and lotion for a de-stress event that occured on campus. Along with my greek organization and others I signed up to volunteer to watch professors kids during a banquet. I also volunteered at Faces, which is a food pantry located in Farmville, Virginia.


I would consider myself a good scholar in the Honors College at Longwood because I am passionate about my career and making the most of my life. The main reason I chose to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice is because I want to help others. An important part of the criminal justice system is rehabilitation for offenders once they are about to be released back into society. I would like to be able to help offenders who want to change their lives around after being incarcerated. I am also strive to do the best I can in my academics.