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Letter to Senior Self

Dear Hannah,

I hope the past four years at Longwood have been nothing but good to you. I hope that you have made the dean’s list, and have accomplished an awesome GPA. I know that you really wanted to study abroad in Scandinavia through the Danish Institute of Study Abroad. I wish that your study abroad trip was amazing no matter where you ended up going, and that you made memories and learned things that will help you in your life. I hope that you had an amazing and educational internship, and that you know what you want to do after graduation. I hope that you will end up working in the FBI, and helping to change peoples lives. My expectation for you is that no matter what challenges you faced like graduating college and having to find a real job will only have made you stronger.  Lastly, I hope that Longwood and the community here has grown on you so much you do not want to leave at all, but know you have to.