Most people think honors students assume scholarship is just maintaining a G.P.A of 3.25 or higher. They also think we define ourselves by our grades. Yes, this is a necessary criterion for honors students and it is something we take pride in, but it is not what defines honors in our eyes. Scholarship is more than just grades. It is a way we learn. Being an honor student, means you look at things differently. You are able to see things from multiple perspectives and interpret things in unique ways. We are constantly being told to think about a different side, or dig deeper into a question in many settings.

This word is a key component to the pillars of the honors college because it is where we are expected to stand out. We are constantly going the extra mile because we are curious about what comes next, or how something could be done differently.  Scholarship is expected of honors students because we are part of a group of students who are separated because of academic achievements. However, scholarship does not necessarily mean more work or harder tasks. It means learning is going to be different at times, and it will challenge us to think differently than we normally would.  This part of the honors pillars does not define us; it is only a small part of what makes us unique.


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