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ENGL 215 HONS: Tales of the Frontier (Fall 2018)

This was one of my first honors classes during my freshman year. Once I got my schedule ,and I saw the name of this class, I was really confused. What does “Tales of the Frontier” even mean?  I was really nervous and curious all at once. I had no idea what I was in for. On the first day of class we were told to start brainstorming ideas for our final paper, so of course, after hearing this, I panicked. I was freaking out inside. How was I going to pass this class?

Weeks went on and I started to enjoy the class more, but I was always on edge. The class was set up so that we would read chapters from a book before class, so when we walked in every day we would have a quiz on what we read. The quizzes were not premade, and all the questions were specific. Also, they were all only five questions! I did well on most of the quizzes but there were times that all I wanted to do was just give up because I felt like I was failing every day. However, I did do well in one area of this class. We had to write two papers in this class. I got As on both of them which made me feel a lot better about myself. One of them is attached below. This paper was the last one I wrote and is about a frontier which is anything that is reaching achievement. The frontier I decided to talk about was the mental health movement in society today. We had to use this frontier and a few books we read to make a four-page plus paper. We had to talk about what the frontier was, how the characters from the books exemplify, or do not exemplify the characteristics of this frontier, etc. I really enjoyed writing this paper because I was able to take something I am passionate about and look at in a different perspective.

The one thing I took away from this class was that you need to be able to adjust to change. Whether it is adjusting to a new way to take notes or a new way of learning in general, you need to be able to adjust instead of assuming you are going to fail because you won’t allow yourself to change.

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