Aesthetic Expressions

WGST 115 Gender, Representation, and Culture (Spring 2019)

After spending two semesters at Longwood and taking a variety of classes, I can say this had to be one of my favorites. This class reassured me when it came to deciding to add a women’s and gender studies minor. I learned so much from this class. I look at so many things differently now. I can’t watch any movie now without analyzing it through the lens this class has provided me.

In addition, to learning about gender representation through film, media, literature, etc., I learned a lot about me as a person. I was able to give a 15-minute presentation at the end of the course without notecards or panicking. I never thought I would be able to do that! I learned that if I make my presentation enjoyable for me then I do a lot better in front of people. I also learned that if you just stop thinking about what others think of you while you are giving a presentation then the nerves go away. My final presentation was on a film of our choice and we had to describe how it discusses gender, sex, sexuality, or anything we had discussed in class. I did mine on the movie Mamma Mia. This is one of my favorite movies so making the presentation itself was fun. I enjoyed looking at this film in such a unique light.

We did not have a written final exam, but instead, we had a “final experience”. Unfortunately, Dr. Magill hurt his back the day before the final exam period so we had to submit our presentions through canvas. This presentation had to be 3-5 minutes long and it could literally be anything. We could bring in an object, make a playlist, write poetry, analyze a quote, etc.  Also, during our presentation, we had to describe what we brought in a use two of the film presentions as support, and use two pieces of literature we had read in class as support too. I decided to make a collage of sticky notes with adjectives and phrases on them. I went around and asked a variety of people what word came to mind when I said the words masculine and feminine. They then had to write the words on different colored sticky notes. As I collected these, I made the collage. I stacked them over each other with no pattern in mind. This was supposed to show that there was no divide on what was masculine or feminine. You can find the write up I made for this and a picture of the poster attached in the link below.


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