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PSYC  340 Health Psychology (Spring 2020)

Since I am planning on pursuing a career in clinical psychology and because mental health is one of my passions, I already knew I would take this class even if it was just counted as an elective. When I found out it would cover one of my perspectives, I did not care when it was going to be offered. I just knew I was signing up for it.

I completed most of this class from my home due to classes moving online because of the coronavirus. I did not enjoy this class as much as I thought I would have considering the topic at fist really interested me. I still cannot decide if it was being stuck at home or the content that made the class not as interesting. I think it was being stuck at home and my mental health being low which made me not enjoy the class as much as I hoped, but I still do not have an exact reason.

Although the class did not go as expected, I was able to gain a lot of knowledge from it and in particular, I learned something super specific about my personal health. Our main assignment throughout the semester was to work on a health intervention. We had to implement the intervention to change the desired health behavior. I decided that I wanted to start drinking more water because I never drink enough daily. As I started implementing the intervention, I noticed I was drinking more which meant the intervention was working. But, I noticed something else as well. I started having severe pain in my lower back when I started drinking more than 60oz. of water. Come to find out later, my left kidney was not working and I had surgery in May to fix it. I had this back pain for years, but I never knew that the more I would drink the worse my pain would be because my kidney was not draining. I found it comical that this intervention was supposed to help me become “healthier” but it only worsened my health.


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We had to write a paper on our intervention process and share our methods and results. The paper is linked (final paper).


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