Scientific Reasoning

PSYC 101 Introduction to Psychology (Fall 2018)

When I think of my first semester of college, I think of this class. This was my first psychology course and it opened my eyes to so many things. I knew coming into college that I wanted to major in psychology, but taking this class only opened my eyes more to why. I do not know if it was the group of people, the professor, or the fact that I was actually interested in the subject, but this class always made me feel myself. I met one of my closest friends (Faith Harris) in this class, and I made my first relationship with a professor.  I always looked forward to this class because the atmosphere was so welcoming. Everyone in this class was open-minded and had a good sense of humor. I did really well in this class which reassured me that my decision to major in psychology was a good choice. I emailed Professor Tambra Gutierrez-Riggs and thanked her for everything her class had given me at the end of the semester because it had impacted me that much. I had learned what my true passion was from this class.

Since the atmosphere was so welcoming, I was able to give my presentation at the end of the semester with no hesitation or nerves. I wrote my final research paper on the mood disorder depression. I researched more specifically the relationship it had with suicide, self-harm, gender, and social media. I then gave a presentation on it in class. The paper is below.

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