Global Citizenship

SPAN 111 Intensive Beginning Langauge and Culture (Spring 2019)

This class made me enjoy learning Spanish a little more than I used to. I used to love going to Spanish class in high school but then I decided to take a year off and then take Spanish four in high school.  That was the worst decision of my life, and it completely ruined my love for the Spanish language.

After taking this class, I feel like I have truly learned what it is like to take a college class. I am moving into my sophomore year of college, so I now know what a college class is like but this Spanish class was what everyone would always describe. I had random quizzes, the tests were online, I had to take a majority of my notes before class, homework was online, grades were randomly put in, etc. The class was not awful nor was it difficult. As long as you studied and did your work, then it was a fairly easy class. I finished with an A because of the number of notes I took.


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Attached is a link to some examples of my notes.



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