Letter to Senior Self

Dear Senior Me,

WOW! You did it! You have finished your senior year of college (now onto Grad School haha). I always knew you could do it even though you doubt yourself a lot. You have grown into such a wonderful person but always stayed true to yourself.

College is defiantly a unique experience because it forces you to step outside your comfort zone quickly. During my first school year at Longwood, I experienced many firsts. I took my first honors class, I lived in my first dorm room, and I passed my first college exam.  I also experienced my first fall and spring weekends, I played my first game of oozeball, and I attended my first honors retreat. Although there was roommate drama at times, and there were friendships that were made and then lost all within one school year. These things all happened for a reason and allowed me to grow as a person. I will always be grateful for what my first year of college taught me.

I joined so many clubs and organizations in my first year. I am part of two honors societies; Alpha Lambda Delta and the National Society of Leadership and Success. I joined the Outdoors Club, and I was accepted as a peer mentor for the next school year.  I am so excited to be a peer mentor and help first-year students have the best possible year they can. In addition, I held a leadership role in my first semester of college. I was a historian for the honors student association.

I hope I stayed true to myself by the time I am a senior, and never lost the dedication I have. I hope that I made connections with other people and professors. I hope that I put myself out there and joined more clubs. I hope that I learned to stop second-guessing everything and just believe in myself. I hope that I graduate knowing that I did everything in my ability to be as successful as I possibly can be. Lastly, I hope that I cherish every moment because even though things get tough, you can’t get these moments back.


Freshman Self

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