Letter to Senior Self

Dear Senior Caydee,

It was a pretty tough first year, but I am sure you are used to the college life by now, right? I know the first few weeks of this year left me feeling like maybe college just was not for me. But, I know that I want to be the first one in the family to graduate from college and have an academic life and career. I hope you feel successful having almost completed that dream!

Knowing myself and thus knowing you, I am sure there have been many moments of anxiety and self-doubt. I hope you have powered through each of those moments and realized your full potential to be something amazing. As of right now, the dream is to be a museum curator or archivist. I wonder if that is still the goal for you? I sincerely hope so, because I cannot imagine doing any other career.

I recently added another minor on top of the philosophy minor… Art History… I hope that was not too much for you to complete! I am sure that you completed all of the classes okay, however, since I know that we do not like to have free-time anyways.

As I write that however, I hope you remember to take a break every now and then! Life is not just about academics and studying. Sometimes, it is important to just hang out with friends and laugh. I hope you remembered that throughout college and I hope you continue to remember that throughout life.

Overall, I just want to tell you that I am so proud of you and I know that everything will be okay. Whatever problems you are having at the moment, just breathe, and know that there are a lot of people who love and support you.

Love, Freshman Caydee