My name is Caydee Wightman and I have graduated from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Arts in History and am on my way to graduate school in upstate New York! I will be attending the Cooperstown Graduate Program in the Fall of 2022 to complete my master’s in museum studies and get the experience I need to become a professional museum worker!

I decided to complete my undergrad in Public History because it has always been my favorite subject and because my dream is to be a museum educator. I have always loved museums and learning about history, so I thought it would be a great career choice! I would love to work for any kind of museum, however, my dream is to work at an art museum. I love art history and being able to educate the community on what I love most would be my dream job!

I decided to attend Longwood University because when I first visited this school I just felt that it was going to be perfect for me. I love the campus and the students and faculty are the nicest people I have ever met. I had a great time at this university and I will be leaving with a lot of fond memories!

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