Citizen 410

Citizen 410: Lancer LaunchPad

I took this class with Professor Dolence in the Spring of 2022. This symposium class focused on developing a business idea that could better our community or the world at large. This class was very insightful as we were able to create our own ideas completely from scratch and try to make a difference in our own lives. I feel like I learned a lot about time management and business models during this class.

My group decided to put together a consultation service that would assist museums in modernizing and increasing visitor interest. Our service would provide various technology and professional expertise to help them achieve this. For example, during our project, we created a 360 Virtual Tour of the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts that they can now use on their website or social media platforms.

Museums are very important to my group partner and me, as we both are going into the museum field in the future. In response, we wanted to try to solve a problem that we see and experience every day. That is where this consultation service was born. We see this as a major problem in our society as a whole since museums are where a majority of people are educated about the past and civic issues. Without museums, the world would be lesser.

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