Music 105

Music 105: University Choir (SA)

I took this class with Dr. McDermott during the Fall of 2019. Throughout this class, we learned a select collection of music and were able to perform them at a couple of concerts. We also learned some music theory and how to properly read and learn choral music.

I really enjoyed this class! I have always been a choir nerd and I was really excited to be able to be apart of a choir in college. This class really gave me a reprieve when I was stressed and helped give me a time to just have fun and learn music. The music was also a lot more challenging than I was used to, which made it more exciting. This class reinvigorated my appreciation for music and pushed me to do my best in something I really enjoy. This class also helped me realize how important it is to try and stay healthy while in college and how self-care is always a must. Dr. McDermott always stressed staying healthy and taking time for yourself. I think that it was an extremely helpful message for my first semester of college and I feel like I learned a lot about taking care of myself.

During this class, we focused a lot on what music means to us. I feel like I really connected with the music we sang because we always took the time to understand each song’s individual message. In one of the writing assignments, we wrote about the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and we discussed how posture, vocal variety, and emotion can really make a song special.