Citizen 110

Citizen 110: Examining Citizenship Through The Hunger Games

I took this class with Professor Beach during the Fall of 2019. We learned a lot about what citizenship is and how we, as citizens, can make the world a better place through our actions. We focused primarily on how citizenship is represented through Suzanne Collins’ series, “The Hunger Games”, and what we can learn about citizenship in that world and how we can transfer it to ours.

In this class, I feel that I really came out of my shell when it came to public speaking. The class was very discussion-based and we rarely took notes. Instead, we would discuss different topics depending on the chapters we had read that week from “The Hunger Games”. We would give short speeches called “minute talks” and discuss something from the chapters that we could relate to the real world. These speeches and the discussions that followed really made me think about several different prevalent issues that we struggle with today.

During this class, we also had to make informational and persuasive speeches about different topics about citizenship and the books. In one of my persuasive speeches, I discussed celebrity endorsement and the effect it has on consumer products and our lifestyles. I was particularly proud of this speech because I had finally overcome my stage fright and I was able to make a lot of eye contact and really sell my ideas.

You can watch this speech below:

Persuasive Speech Video