Philosophy 315

Philosophy 315: Biomedical EthicsĀ 

I took this class with Dr. Blincoe during the Spring of 2020. This class focused on ethical issues in the medical field such as abortion, genetic enhancement, and assisted suicide. Through this class, I also learned about the main ethical theories and what they mean to us in regards to life decisions.

Dr. Blincoe is an amazing philosopher and professor and I really felt like I benefitted a lot in this class. Before this class, I was a bit uncomfortable with talking about political matters and voicing my opinions on controversial issues. After taking this class, however, I really feel like I have grown to accept the differences in opinions that people are bound to have and I feel like I have realized the benefits of discussion of controversial issues. Dr. Blincoe also had us do one-on-one arguments with him about different ethical issues and I feel like that argument really helped me realize that there is nothing bad about having a scholarly argument as long as you are respectful and conscientious about the other person.

We did not have many projects in this class and mainly read other philosopher’s arguments and articles about different issues. My favorite article was by Judith Jarvis Thomson and it was an article in defense of abortion. I liked this article a lot because of its use of analogies that helped make the situation clearer and helped the reader focus on the moral issue at hand.

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