Sociological Institutional Papers

Here are three papers I have written within the sociology department at Longwood University:

SOCL 205:

SOCL 326:

SOCL 345:

Over these three papers in my academic career, my writing has improved significantly. When I first came here to Longwood, my writing skills were fairly decent. I knew how to write a paper with a given prompt and get my points across with proper grammar. However, entering into this discipline has expanded my writing skills. I have learned how to do proper APA style formatting, increased my vocabulary, and able to properly do citations. Not only have I gained/improved those skills, but I am able to produce well written academic papers, especially literature reviews and research papers. The guidance and feedback from my professors have allowed my writing abilities flourish and grow. I am able to write more smoothly and present large amounts of information in a manner in which it flows and is understandable by a reader.