Personal Behavior, Attitudes, and Beliefs

Throughout taking these classes at Longwood University, we learned and discussed issues relating to race, class, gender, disabilities, and sexuality.


Growing up and going through the public education system, I was introduced to concepts of race and racism within society on a surface level. It was discussed in terms of the civil war and how society viewed race before and after the war. Here at Longwood, we have gone into depth with race and racism. Not just its history, but how society currently views it. We have gone over trends, how different institutions are affected, and racial disparities and inequalities. From learning and going into depth on these concepts from class lectures and discussions, assignments, and essays, my views have changed significantly. I was able to take the information being presented and the views and perspectives from classmates and professor and formula my own view of race and racism, not was just taught to me in lower education.


I never understood what socioeconomic status was until I got to college. I always got confused on what income was considered what class. My family said we were upper class, which now understanding this concept, I am very thankful for, but I never fully understood what that meant. After taking the classes I have previously mentioned, like Marriage and the Family and Intro to Social Inequality and Differences, I have learned the different social classes in society based on wealth. I learned about different types of inequalities and differences that occur in society and theories to explain these phenomenon’s. I started to now look at society in a functionalist point of view. How there are these disparities seen in socioeconomic statuses, but that is how society works. Wanting to have the most, working for something better, more than what you have now. There are many approaches to this concept and by taking various classes that cover this topic, I have been able to formula my own perception and ideas.




Affects on career:

Learning more about these types of inequalities of race, class, gender, disabilities, and sexuality has influenced what I want to do with my career.