Senior Seminar in Sociology Reflection: Methodology

Sociology courses I have taken at Longwood University that dealt specifically with methods:

SOCL 345 (Social Research and Program Evaluation)

*Concepts learned

-Logic and observation

-Concepts and variables

-How to collect quantitative and qualitative data

-Different methods/types of research

-How to analyze data

-How to code qualitative data

-How to develop and construct a survey

SOCL 346 (Statistics for the Social Sciences)

*Concepts Learned

-How to use R studio

-How to use SPSS

-How to calculate and interpret confidence intervals, z-scores, and t-tests

-How to make proper APA style tables for research papers

SOCL 326 (Sexuality and Society)

*Concepts Learned

-How to collect research relevant to given topic

-How to assess what information is critical to research

-How to put together and analyze data and articles

SOCL 461 (Applied Sociological Research)

*Concepts Learned

-How to conduct a literature review

-How to work in a group with other researchers

-To find and collect relevant articles and research

-How to conduct and make a survey using Qualtrics

-How to analyze data