Reflection on SOCL 351 Project

My knowledge of child sexual abuse in the foster care system has significantly increased throughout doing this project. A first, I just knew that this was an issue occurring. I did not know all the significant information on WHY it is an issue and preventions for it. By doing this intensive research, I have learned so much. Now I can confidently explain the demographics of both the perpetrator and victim. While also being able to discuss ways to help either prevent or stop child sexual abuse occurring. Examining all this information and data has really allowed for me to gain much more knowledge on this important topic.

One of the strengths of this podcast is that when we explain this issue, it is comprehendible to an individual just listening to it. There is a lot of information being given but we do it in a more conversational way to help the listener follow with everything being explained. However, the podcast can be improved by adding in more information. We did explain all our main points but while researching, there is so much valuable information on child sexual abuse and prevention to also be told to individuals.

I have developed more professional skills in researching and analyzing. For this topic, it was very narrow so when looking for articles, I had to really search for appropriate information that would be beneficial. Then had to really analyze and comprehend the articles used. I need to be able to fully understand it to then properly explain it to a target audience.

My contribution to this collaborative project was helping analyze the sources we chose and explaining why they are of relevance to our topic. I am strong at explaining why information is relevant to specific topics. I am able to use key points and explain why they are important for said topic. I was valuable to this podcast because when making podcast, I am very good at making it all follow. It is important for the listeners to be able to understand what is being said. I was able to help make it more conversation rather than a lecture.