Hello Everyone!

My name is Isabella Olson, and I am a junior at Longwood University. I will graduate in the fall of 2024 from the Comier Honors College with a degree in Criminal Justice/Criminology and Sociology.

I grew up in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I have two very loving and supportive parents, along with three, amazing siblings. I have a passion for reading, traveling, and being active. I love working with others and being a team player. I grew up playing soccer and those experiences have taught me leadership, communication, and good work ethic skills.

I came to Longwood in Fall of 2021. Over these past two years I have had amazing experiences and opportunities. I am the President of the Women’s Rugby Football Club and a sister of Alpha Beta Psi. I am also a brother of Lambda Alpha Epsilon. These organizations have brought great volunteer experiences, academic opportunities, and all around have help me grow as a person.

Within this e-portfolio, you will find my significant academic works from my time in the Criminal Justice/Criminology and Sociology department.

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