Senior Seminar in Sociology Reflection: Inequality

Sociology Courses I have taken at Longwood University that dealt specifically with inequalities:

SOCL 233 (Introduction to Social Inequality and Difference)

*Concepts learned:

-Social inequalities

-The social construction of identity

-Intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality


-Privilege and Oppression

SOCL 241 (Marriage and the Family)

*Concepts learned:

-Different types of families

-Different definitions of family

-Gender inequalities within the family, marriage, and workplace

-Online dating trends

-Inequalities of online dating

SOCL 351 (Sociology of Family Violence)

*Concepts learned


-Types of family violence

-Patriarchal terrorism and forms of violence against women

-Child maltreatment and neglect

-Intimate partner violence and Sexual Violence

-Marital rape

SOCL 326 (Sexuality and Society)

*Concepts learned

-Defining sexuality, sex, and gender

-The history and creation of sexuality

-The different types of sexual fields

-Culture and racial bias

-The LGBTQ+ communities and the inequalities

-Sexual decision making (consent, coercion, and violence)

-Feminism and commodification