Senior Seminar in Sociology Reflection: Institutions

Sociology Courses I have taken at Longwood University that deal with specific Institutions:

SOCL 351(Sociology of Family Violence)

*Concepts learned:

-How to define and explain the term family violence

-The different forms of abuse

-The history of family violence

-Child maltreat and signs

-Intimate partner violence and signs

-How to prevent family violence and resources to help a victim

SOCL 326(Sexuality and Society)

*Concepts learned:

-Use of proper terminology within the LGBTQ+ community

-The history of sexuality

-How religion impacts sexuality in society

-Learned the roles culture and race play in sexuality

SOCL 241 (Marriage and the Family)

*Concepts learned

-The different types of families

-Online dating


-The terminology

-Current trends

-Significant works

SOCL 223(Intro Social Inequality Difference)

*Concepts learned

-What is social inequality

-Different types of identities

-The social construction of identity

-What privilege is

-The different types of socioeconomic statuses and classes

SOCL 205(Deviance)

*Concepts learned

– What is deviance

-Types of theories and significant contributors

-Types of violence

-Current trends

-Types of abuse