Post #3

For my third post, I am displaying the content of MTKG’s website.

The medium of delivery:

MTKG’s website allows you to explore each aspect of their company, and explains why they do marketing so well as well as what motivates their employees. I, however, specifically focus on a section of the website that discusses the people. The rhetoric of this website allows viewers to read about this company’s passion for people, and there are several photos of the members of the MTKG team.

“The backbone of MKTG culture is our commitment to a personal and trusting relationship with our clients and with each other. We pride ourselves on being vulnerable- connecting deeply and engaging sincerely.”


The website shows a plethora of real pictures of employees. The significance of these pictures are that they’re not just head shots taken in front of a white screen. These pictures consist of people actively doing things they love outside of their jobs. For example, there’s one photo of a woman named Susana in front of her horse. I can see that these pictures emphasize the importance of ethos, because they visually prove that their company is true to their word about creating meaningful relationships within the company, because they are accepting of everyone’s interests.


One major way that a rhetor appeals to their audience is when they allow themselves to be vulnerable about themselves in front of a crowd. Therefore, this website utilizes pathos when they state in the quote above that they are strongly acceptable to each other’s vulnerability. I believe that this allows viewers of this website to feel emotionally connected to these clients, and that they too, can be vulnerable.


Once I clicked on the pictures of the employees, I find specific evidence about them. For example, under a picture of a woman named Laura, it says that she traveled the world for four months alone, and has been able to incorporate her passion for traveling within her job at MKTG. She brings brands together within local organizations in order to create effective social change in various communities. By explaining what Laura does within the company, logos is applied because there is valid evidence that the overall message of MKTG’s love for it’s employees and clients can be used every day.