Post #8: Rhetoric about Issues

As I continue to analyze my selected organization, The Outdoor Adventure Store, for this post, I will be focusing on what the site lacks.

Rhetorical Situation:

1.  Exigencies: The Outdoor Adventure Store’s site lacks information on the “story” of their organization. Most often, organizations will provide content on how their organization came about, whether it’s from previous experiences, or just simply what it took for the organization to get to their success. A story offers the audience the ability to have a more clear understanding of why the organization is passionate about what they do. For my selected organization, however, they do  not have a written story in their site. I would say that this is an opportunity for the organization to grow in their business by producing new content on their website. The website can be found here:

2. Audiences: The most appropriate audience for this situation are functional audiences. The audience members include people such as customers and employees. (Hoffman, Ford, 123). The Outdoor Adventure Store provides potential customers with efficient outdoor gear, as well as entertainment around FarmVille with their rentable bikes and kayaks. Therefore, without customers, the store would not function at all. The employees too, play a large role in the organization, because they are the foundation of the store when it comes to providing their customers with the full experience of their organization.

3. Constraints and Assets: In order to answer the exigencies, what may be difficult for the organization is figuring out how to produce new content for their website. I have gathered that they do not spend a good deal of time on their website, therefore, they may need to hire someone more equips in the technology field to create a more engaging site. The preexisting beliefs that could affect how the message is interpreted would not interfere with it’s audience, because they have not changed the way they run their store. That is, they are still an organization that focuses on outdoor activity.


1. The organization does not focus on particular issue, however, if they were to focus on a possible lack in exercise or outdoor activity, they would be qualified in a sense that their organization sells outdoor gear.

2. I do not see any evidence from previous audiences that they have been consulted and had a reasonable opportunity to influence the process, mostly because the website does not exemplify a specific issue it’s focusing on.

3. Although no specific issue is focused on, what is clearly said is that this organization promotes outdoor activity. Therefore, some research could be done on whether or not society has a whole should get outside and get active more, and this organization would go hand in hand with that issue because of what their organization offers.

4. The Outdoor Adventure Store de-emphasizes information that might influence the issue, because the audience is unaware of an issue they are focusing on, and they do not have a story to tell, yet.