Post #1: Introducing My Blog

Getting to Know Me!

Hello! My name is Charlotte Dash and I am in my junior year at Longwood. I am an english major with a concentration in rhetoric and professional writing. I am from Richmond, VA, and a fun fact about me is that my positive experience in my ENGL 150 class motivated me to become an english major. I know the future is unpredictable, therefore I hope to apply the skills I have and will learn from Longwood, and utilize them in the real world.

What is the purpose of my blog and what will I be posting?

The purpose of this blog is to display what myself as well as my classmates will be working on in ENGL 305. I am interested in marketing and branding, therefore,  will be posting a frequent amount about my explorations of various brands and how rhetoric is applied in that field. I am passionate about effective communication skills and writing, and I highly believe that my major will provide with me the opportunity to pursue a career those categories. With that being said, I am taking ENGL 305 because I learned a plethora of effective writing skills and the use of rhetoric last semester in ENGL 301, therefore, I am confident that this course will allow me to advance as a professional writer.  However comes across my blog will discover what I will work on throughout this course, and hopefully will gain some insight on the use of branding and how it influences consumers/buyers.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more postings! 🙂