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Project 3: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
The connections for the Six Degrees of Bacon were: Kevin Bacon, James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Jonny Depp, and Ice Cube. The reason that I chose these people was due to the correlation between some of my favorite movies and notable facial features. The first part of starting the project included researching popular illustrations and collecting […]
Six Degree of Kevin Bacon
When we were first given this assignment I was very nervous. Drawing people are not my strong suit and I was worried I would not be able to capture the features that each celebrity has. My connection is Brittany Murphy was in Riding in Cars With Boys with Drew Barrymore. She was in 50 First […]
6 Degrees of Bacon Final
Here is the final featuring Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and Mary Louise Weller. I depicted them in a fighting setting because that is what both Bruce and Chuck are most well-known for. The illustration uses a mix of both colored pencils and water colors. Ultimately I feel that this illustration is in need of a setting, […]
Project 3: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
Characters-Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon, Robin Williams, Robert De Niro When this project was assigned I felt both anxious and excited about the entire process. After working on a previous assignment with character building I was a bit more apprehensive about working with actual people and being able to capture their distinct features. While working with […]
Who Said MMA Was For Men?
When I started thinking about what to write about for this blog, I was trying to really rack my brain.  I asked my roommate what she typically thought of when I said Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  Naturally, she said male. … Continue reading
6 degrees of Kevin Bacon
This illustration class is one of the most fun classes I have taken here at Longwood because it definitely allows for my style to come out of my head and on to the paper. But, it is also the most frustrating classes ever because it forced me to find my style. When this project was ... Continue reading →
6 degrees of Kevin Bacon
I started by tracing each of my celebrities so I could get familiar with their faces and identify what characteristics I wanted to really focus on that would make them come across as the people that they are. By accentuating specific things about each person, I was able to make them more recognizable. I printed […]
6 Degrees of The Bacon
The first round of character development. Upon exploration I decided the most iconic characteristics should […]