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Finished creating power point and confirmed from Dr. M :)
SHAV Conference 2015
I was afforded the opportunity to attend the Speech Hearing Association of Virginia (SHAV) 2015 conference.  During this conference I was able to attend multiple sessions ranging from facilitating language with pre-school children with hearing loss, understanding common medical diagnoses and their relationship to swallowing disorders, treatment and evaluation of students with autism, and selecting ... Continue reading →
VSRA Reflection on Media Literacy
The VSRA conference supported my professional development in a way that no other professional development experience has.  I was able to collaborate with people in varying aspects of our field.  This allowed me to build contacts and resources that I would not have had access to otherwise.  I met Professors, Researchers, Authors, Superintendents, Reading Specialist, ... Continue reading →
#TechTipThursday: SpeedGrader App
Canvas uses SpeedGrader as the tool through which instructors are able to grade student submissions. SpeedGrader is available to users both online (through Canvas directly) and as an app. Instructure recently updated the SpeedGrader app and this post will provide an overview of how instructors can complete common tasks within the new SpeedGrader app. Our focus ... Continue reading →
Induction into Chi Sigma Iota: Counselor Education
A total of 19 new members from the Counselor Education graduate program were inducted into Chi Sigma Iota on April 21, 2015. Chi Sigma Iota is an honor society for graduate students in Counselor Education, that originated in 1985. There was an active chapter at Longwood until 2011, and it was revived this spring with these ... Continue reading →
The Best Thing That Happened
By Faisal Algenaeir I was in my class enjoying my lesson. I had missed calls from my father, so I wondered what does my father want from me because he knows I have class now. He knows everything about my daily routine. Again, I was thinking what does my father want? Afterwards, I told my ... Continue reading →
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