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At Longwood, It’s Always Safety First
(The photo above is from this year's Campus Safety Walk, a joint initiative of Longwood students, LUPD and the Office of Residential and Commuter Life. The walk's goal is to identify areas on campus where safety can be improved, especially after dark.) Nothing is more important to Longwood’s administrators, faculty and staff than the safety ... Continue reading →
#TechTipThursday- Mac vs. PC Use at Longwood University
Authored by Faith Harris, ITC Mac vs. PC Use at Longwood University When coming to the DEC, the Longwood community has the option to either check out a PC or Mac laptop. In last year’s DEC Data Report, checkouts of Macs and PCs were comparable with PCs checked out 2.4% more often.  Given that near equal ... Continue reading →
About Me
Debbie is a biology major at Longwood University. She has studied biology for four years and has a wide range of knowledge on different aspects, topics, and concepts in biological sciences. She has held many officer positions such as the vice president of the NAACP chapter, treasurer for Global Leaders, and social chair for the ... Continue reading →
My name is Ashlee Ratliff and I am a Nursing major at Longwood University. I am a freshman in the Cormier Honors College currently. I did not have a long period of indecisiveness like many children do about their future careers. My options were simple and changed little over the years. No matter what I ... Continue reading →
My name is Seth O'Neal Seward and I am a proud African American with a height of 5 feet and 2 inches. I am a fun loving, compassionate, caring, family-oriented, spontaneous, and hard working person. I am very extroverted and love to mingle with others. I enjoy playing Jazz music with my alto saxophone, listening ... Continue reading →
Dr. Kenneth Pestka II in collaboration with recent Longwood graduate Adam ...
Dr. Kenneth Pestka II in collaboration with recent Longwood graduate Adam Crews (19) presented an iPoster titled, “Cubic crystal elastic constants of a crystallized white dwarf stellar core,” at the 235th American Astronomical Society Meeting on Monday, January 6th 2020. The project is a continuation of research started several years ago on computational models of crystallized ... Continue reading →
All About Scholarships: March 1 application deadline approaches as a new ...
Here at Longwood we recognize that your student’s college education is a major investment for your family. Longwood’s president, W. Taylor Reveley IV, has said many times that Longwood is committed to keeping costs as affordable as possible. This year’s tuition freeze and several previous years’ lower-than-average tuition increases are evidence of the sincerity of ... Continue reading →
Documenting that you know what you are getting yourself into is an important component of every application to a professional school. For a professional program retention (i.e. not losing any students along the way) is of utmost importance, so you need to demonstrate that you won;'t be surprised by the realities of the program. How ... Continue reading →