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Internship Journal #1
For my internship I will be doing research on nonverbal communication under Dr. Farrell’s supervision. I wanted this internship because I wanted to do research to prepare me for grad school. I like how there are answers out there for almost any question you could think of, as long as you put in the work ... Continue reading →
Virginia School Counseling Association Conference
I had such a wonderful experience at the Virginia School Counseling Association (VSCA) Conference! The theme this year was "Creating Connections", and I definitely made some amazing connections thanks to my amazing professor, Dr. Wynne (pictured here taking a selfie with me!). She introduced me to everyone it seemed like! I was so grateful to ... Continue reading →
Happy Hallo-wine! with Illyria Theatre Company
Halloween candy, wine pairings, and a scary play reading- Oh My! Assistant Professor of Acting Lacy Klinger, and publicity manager Chris Klinger have founded a new non-profit theatre company in Farmville, VA. Illyria Theatre Company joins forces with the Virginia Tasting Cellar to offer a one-afternoon only event in the spirit of Halloween. Come enjoy the ... Continue reading →
POTUS is here!
The crowd in Greensboro, North Carolina pulls out their cellphones and tablets as Obama walks out on the stage of the Greensboro Colosseum. Hands from the crowd reaching out for signs to hold during the Obama rally. A woman showing her appreciation for Obama during his speech.
HIST 100/110
Blog Post #2: Chapter 4 Nyberg
In chapter 4, "Showing and Hiding: The Logic of Deception", Nyberg talks about philosopher Kant's belief that "truth telling is always categorically good and deception is always bad" (p. 65). However, Nyberg also talks about the idea the "deception is not something that bad people do" (p. 64). So, what is considered to be morally ... Continue reading →
Blog Post #2
One question I would have is this: Regarding deception for the sake of entertainment (e.g. "The War of the Worlds"), is there a moral responsibility for the media outlet to make the audience aware of the deception? My other question would be: In terms of 'Showing', how does 'Mimicking' differ from 'Counterfeiting'? They both seem ... Continue reading →
COMM 360- Blog 2: Chapter 4 Questions
Something discussed in this chapter that struck me was the discussion of “The War of the Worlds” and how Orson Welles’s was criticized when he broadcasted a fake alien invasion. Apparently, his phone line was ringing off the hook from panicked callers, but to Welles it was simply entertainment. The text referred to this as […]