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Behind-The-Scenes at Longwood
Student volunteer hanging up signs in spin ally. Photo by Mark Kuhnke
Hempstead, NY: The Presidential Debate
We traveled for 9 long hours on a charter bus from Virginia for this.  11 photography students from Longwood University, our Professor, and a Communications …
Sierra Wilde
Hofstra University Cheerleader Sierra Hill had to stop talking three times in order to cheer for her school on MSNBC during the coverage of the first presidential debate of the 2016 campaign. Hill spent the day "going to the different TV stations and doing different performances and interviewing." Although she didn't exactly know who to cheer ... Continue reading →
Roaming Hofstra University's vibrant campus on 'Debate Day' was a group named SPIT, a poetry group formed at Hofstra University in Long Island, NY. SPIT's mission is to strive to bring inspiration through expression. SPIT Member Shermania Green said, "We are proud of this organization." SPIT performed multiple times on campus, drawing a large crowd at 'Issues Alley' in the ... Continue reading →
Clinton's SuperPredator Comment Resurfaces At Hofstra
Photo by: Ashley Shukrallah Written by: Anthony Rinaldi The afternoon before Hillary Clinton took stage for her first Presidential debate, comments she made nearly two decades prior were being brought to bear. Clinton made a comment back in 1996 regarding people in inner cities saying, "They are super predators and that we need to bring ... Continue reading →
VP Debate: Longwood Faculty Enlight(e)ning Talks
VP Debate: Faculty Enlight(e)ning Talks
Photographer at Hofstra University photo by Mark Kuhnke