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Post #4: Generic Criticism
Generic criticism is rooted in the classification of a genre that an artifact fits into. A genre is a category of art, music, or literature characterized by a particular style, form, or context. Popular genres are Pop, Rock, and Country, when classifying music, and fiction, drama, and poetry with literature. Within a rhetorical context, some ... Continue reading →
Hello world!
Welcome all to my online portfolio! A current senior at Longwood University in Virginia, I will be graduating May 2016. My major is Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations and Organizational Communication. Paired with that is my minor of Rhetoric and Professional Writing.   I have spent the past four years at Longwood ... Continue reading →
Tapping into Dr. Church's Recent Publication
Dr. Church, Professor and Coordinator of the School Librarianship Program at Longwood University, has a new book out with Rowman & Littlefield, Tapping into the Skills of 21st-Century School Librarians: A Concise Handbook for Administrators. Her newly published handbook provides an overview of the roles of the 21st-century school librarian—teacher, instructional partner, information specialist, instructional ... Continue reading →
Honors Senior accepted to VCU
Olivia Colella, Class of 2016, has been accepted into VCU's Forensic Science Master's Program. She has also been offered a graduate teaching assistant position. Congratulations, Olivia!
I’m not “Other,” I’m Transgender.
For how many more years will Transgendered individuals have to stress about which restroom to enter?  Due to decades of stigmatized living, those who do …
To be feminist, or to not be feminist?
Recently, an article in the Odyssey was released defining the alleged difference between feminism and gender equality. The article “I believe in gender equality, not feminism” by Taylor Bell attempts to describe why she doesn’t call herself a feminist and prefers to call herself an advocate for gender equality. Her attempt does not show any … Continue reading To be feminist, or to not be feminist?
Barbie vs GI Jo; A look at gender-labeled toys
          When you were little, did you base your choice of toy based on colors? Did you hate everything that was made for “boys” or “girls” or did you yearn to play with both? Well I am happy to say that Target is making a gender neutral toy section! So why […]
Monkey See, Monkey Do
The social learning theory explains that our behaviors are based off of what we think is appropriate. From a young age, we were taught what is appropriate and inappropriate ways to act and behave. If we did something that was “right” we would be praised, and if we did something that was “wrong” we would … Continue reading Monkey See, Monkey Do