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Hola! Me Llamo es Colin (What will be Goal Number Ten)
I would like to write this in Spanish, but I won't because I lack the proficiency and I don't want to confuse my readers (note: the title of this post is Spanish for "Hello! My name is Colin").
Writing and Research (Goal Number Two)
I honestly drew a complete blank at first when trying to remember this class.
The Finer Points of Nature (The 6th Goal)
I know this sounds cliche, but the environment must be protected.
Counting Cash (A Reflection on Goal 5)
Much more advanced than knowing how many pennies make a dollar, Consumer Mathematics was a challenging course that was admittedly easy once you knew the formulas, but undeniably challenging due to how difficult it was to remember all the formulas.
A Most Unpleasant Necessity (Gol Numero Ocho)
The American Government is quite possibly the most depressing thing that all Americans should learn about. Because it is so close to home, it affects us more than the starving children in Africa or the annexation of Crimea.
How We Got Here (Goals 7 and 9)
My memories of these two classes honestly blur together, so I thought it would be best to have one post dedicated to both of them at once.
Building a Foundation for Health (Remembering the Eleventh Goal)
This course will probably go down in history as the only thing that ever made me walk ten-thousand steps a day, even if just for a short while.
Obama and the Duck (Achieving Goal 4)
I enjoy writing and I enjoy theatre, so Intro to Dramatic Writing seemed like a natural class for me to take.