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Chloe Hilliard
ABOUT ME : Hello everyone! I am a senior, completing my undergrad at Longwood University in Sociology with minors in Psychology and Criminal Justice. My concentration is in Family Studies. Through my research and classes at Longwood, I have learned an immense amount of useful information that I will take into my future career.
StepStone Family & Youth Services
Welcome to my internship journey!
The view from Commencement 2024
Rain notwithstanding, 2024 Commencement and the other events surrounding it were full of celebration, pride and more than a few happy tears. For those of you whose students will graduate in the next few years, here's a preview of what you have to look forward to. For those of you whose students received their Longwood ... Continue reading →
Undergraduate Faculty Professional Development Day
SAVE THE DATE - AUGUST 15, 2024 CAFE, Civitae, Cormier Honors College, DEC, and the Preparing for Post Graduate Success Initiative invite you to Longwood’s second annual day of undergraduate faculty professional development--a day filled with several options and opportunities to collaborate with and learn from your faculty colleagues. Civitae           Engage with other Civitae faculty and ... Continue reading →
Spring 2024 in pictures—nearly 100 chances to see your Lancer
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this post is worth nearly 100,000 words! (Maybe I should have been a photographer instead of a writer.) Of course, there was a whole lot of studying going on this semester—but also a whole lot of fun. Take a stroll through this album of nearly 100 ... Continue reading →
SOCL351: Sociology of Family Violence
The purpose of the project is to inform people on ways to deal with and help individuals who are dealing with elder and disabled persons self neglect. Self neglect is common in this demographic of individuals and we used this to show how to look at potential risk factors and other things which may effect ... Continue reading →
Introducing Me!
Welcome to my E-Portfolio! My name is Skylar Therres. I am currently a junior at Longwood University, majoring in Sociology with a concentration on Family Studies and minoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice. What do I plan on doing with my degree? I plan to go into Counseling for my future career. In my E-Portfolio, ... Continue reading →
ACE Certification
I participated in an adverse childhood experience training and am now certified in administering naloxone.