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Gardiner Place as Text
May 25th 2017 - 9:00am We started our place as text assignment by walking down Scott Street that was located to the back left of the hotel. We started to observe the landscape and noticed that Gardiner is a flat area between mountains with a river running through the middle. The town is surrounded by ... Continue reading →
Place as Text - Jackson, WY
  Exploring Jackson, Wyoming was a very rewarding and interesting experience for our group. We got to learn more about the members of the community and simultaneously explore parts of town we had yet to see. Talking to locals was just one part of our mission, and being able to see what the neighborhoods behind the ... Continue reading →
Place as Text Jackson
While our group was investigating the town of Jackson (population 9,577) in Jackson Hole Wyoming on May 23 at 4:30 p.m., we walked down Cache St, Perry St,and Glenwood St. While walking around town, we notices the overall theme of the town had a classic, old town, western theme. Most, if not all, of the ... Continue reading →
Place as Text- Jackson
Exploring Jackson Wyoming as a group gave many insights into aspects of life in Jackson. Through walking around town the pack learned many new things about the landscape and views of the residents on the town. Workers in the town and residents from a local park were extremely helpful in learning about what issues there ... Continue reading →
Jackson Hole
The bison pack 2 explored a wonderful neighborhood section of Jackson Hole! We walked down Cache St. towards Snow King St., up King St., and then down a small section of Pearl St. While walking our group noticed a lot of important things that helped to show us the living situation and styles of people ... Continue reading →
Our Walk Through Jackson Hole, Wyoming
To Visually Follow Along with our Exploration of Jackson Hole Wyoming, Click the Following link:   On Tuesday, May 23rd, our pack had its first official outing into the Jackson community and we discovered some interesting insights. It was around 8:30 a.m. when we first set off from the hotel, and we strolled through ... Continue reading →
Jackson: Place as Text
We began our place as text journey at approximately 9 am walking along W. Pearl Street beside the Elk Country Inn. The morning sun was high in the sky and the fifty-degree weather was tolerable with light jackets. We then turned onto N. Jackson Street. On the left side there was not much to see. ... Continue reading →
Fish Hatchery
Yesterday we visited the Jackson National Fish Hatchery which is run by the US Fish and Wildlife service. We took a tour of the facility and learned a lot about the Snake River cutthroat trout that they’re raising. The facility artificially spawns the trout and cares for the eggs until they hatch. The eggs are ... Continue reading →