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Photos of Places Past
Here is an elk just sitting himself on the side of the road minding his own business. It amazes me how calm they are being around cars and people. This little bus stop epitomizes the idea of Jackson, WY. This is a small, rustic, western looking building that is for a very new idea and ... Continue reading →
Public Documents for All to See
  This map of Gardiner, MT very clearly shows a love toward the animals of the area both by depicting them in the map as well as saying "Where Nature Runs Wild" right above the city name.   This pamphlet is surprisingly all about being more understanding toward anti-hunters and helping people hunt in better ... Continue reading →
Photographs Related to Elk
When going out west wildlife is one of the most exciting things for visitors to see. This becomes a large issue when humans encroach too close to the wildlife. Things can become wildly out of hand and injury, even death occur. Visitors seem to forget that these magnificent  creatures are not livestock that respond calmly […]
Public Documents Related to Elk
In document 1 and 2 we received a brochure from the Moose Visitor Center in Jackson Hole, Wyoming discussing elk ecology and management . This was important because we had to address the issue of elk and how to ethically manage  the populations in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). The main issue that was prompted […]
Some More Public Documents
Business Card of Mr. Combs This is the business card of the police officer my pack interviewed while doing our place as text activity in Jackson. After giving us his card he invited us to give him a call if we ever needed him. Good Samaritan Mission Pamphlet Inside of Good Samaritan Mission Pamphlet This ... Continue reading →
Photo's from Jackson, Gardiner, and every place in between!
Here is a collection of a few of the hundreds of pictures that we took on this trip. Some of these pictures are relating to our issue: wildfires.
Photographs in Human Nature
This parking garage was found in Jackson, Wyoming. The construction was found just across the street from an area of the residential part of town with small houses and trailers. Construction of a parking garage may be viewed through an economic lens as building this structure would allow for more tourists to park their vehicles […]