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About Me Page!
I am writing from the position of a special education teacher. In this position, I assist students through their everyday life by teaching them basic life skills. I am also responsible for teaching students the curriculum needed to pass the grade level they are in with satisfactory. For my academic preparation, I need to have ... Continue reading →
philosophy of education
(add a small paragraph about the poe)
Living life like Larry
New advisers-- an advising workshop just for you
Not Just Checking Boxes: A workshop for new advisers Are you a new academic adviser here at Longwood? Or are you looking for an advising refresher? Join us to learn: the academic advising philosophies that to benefit students and advisers, academic policies @ Longwood, advising for degree planning (including a DegreeWorks demonstration), and how to advise ... Continue reading →
Makerspace Myths
Welcome back, Lancers! The beginning of the Fall semester is always an exciting time. A new year, a new schedule, new classes, and so much more. Last year, you may have even heard of something else that was new, the DIGILab. In case you did not hear of the DIGILab last year, it’s a makerspace ... Continue reading →
College Surprises: Finding Out Professors Are Helpful and It’s Easy to ...
After 3 weeks of being on campus I couldn’t be happier with the place I now get to call home. From week one, the professors treated me so nicely and were so wiling to help. This shocked me at first because all through high school I had the impression that professors weren’t willing to help ... Continue reading →
Post #5: Critical Approaches to Organizational Rhetoric
Due by 4:00 p.m. on September 26th *All students should complete all blog post assignments. Morgan and Rachael will present their responses to this particular post for class discussion on the 26th. This posting will be based on our reading and discussion of Chapter 4 in our course textbook (Hoffman and Ford, critical approaches to ... Continue reading →
Loving College Classes, the Library and the Gym
It has been almost a month since I have been here at Longwood, and I can happily say I chose the best school to go to!! I love my classes because they are mostly for my major. I love my professors—they are all so fun and truly love what they do. The cool thing about ... Continue reading →