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Post #11: Applied Rhetoric Paper – Proposal
As the first season of "Agent Carter" comes to a close, I find this assignment quite apt for staying in touch with my passion for ABC's Marvel spin-off.  The show is quite interesting for many reasons, but I'll list and explain two reasons and the significance I find in them. First, it is a show ... Continue reading →
Grey Area to Bridge the Gap
A popular ABC primetime show Grey's Anatomy never ceases to amaze viewers on what the patients and staffers might do next. If you are an avid fan but have not watched Season 11 or the episode from Feburary 19th you may not want to continue reading, blog post contains spoilers. The Feburary 19th episode of ... Continue reading →
Just Ask Milla
Recently I came across this video and it stuck a chord with me because of what we have been covering in class.  I was willing to sit through the 7 minute video because I believe that there was an incredibly personal story behind it.  Milla was born a girl, but from an extremely young age ... Continue reading →
#TechTipThursday: YouTube Capture App
While there are several ways for smart phone users to capture video on-the-go, the YouTube Capture app allows you to capture video and automatically publish to YouTube. Other features and options are available, as well, some of which are reviewed in our video tutorial below. This app can fulfill several student learning outcomes requiring students ... Continue reading →
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Leave Bruce Alone
  Lately, Bruce Jenner has been in the news for transitioning from male to female.  Bruce Jenner used to be an olympic athlete.  In total, he has 10 children and of which 6 are his own children and 4 of whom are step children.  He was married to Kris Kardashian, mother of "famous person" Kim Kardashian, and ... Continue reading →
Do I Like It
by Mohammed Shafi Aldosari I have been in the U.S. for five months, and someone asked me do I like it. I didn’t answer him I said “let me think about it.” It’s not like moving from a city to another city.  I’ve moved from a country to another country. It’s very different.  First, there’s ... Continue reading →