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Counseling Program Completion Schedule
Position Statement
Pre-Semester Symposium Spring 2024
Teaching Effective Collaboration CAFE’s 3rd Annual Pre-Spring Semester Workshop Series January 3-5, 2024   Teaching our students how to collaborate in multiple modalities – such as writing and speaking – and in multiple contexts – such as information literacy and with a focus on equity – enhances their interpersonal skills and develops a sense of ... Continue reading →
Hello world!
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My name is Christian, and I am on the soccer team here at Longwood. Soccer has played a big role in my life and has gotten me to where I am today, including this school. Thus, I decided to do my theme around soccer, since it's the easiest thing for me to talk about.
Table Of Contents
In this eportfolio, I have decided to do a video tutorial, photo essay, review, and travel experience. Of course, these works had to be centered around my theme, so everything was soccer-related. My tutorial video teaches how to juggle. My photo essay displays Messi’s road to winning the 2022 World Cup. My review is based ... Continue reading →
Video Tutorial My video tutorial on the basics of how to juggle