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June's New Reading
In order to bring you new and fun recreational reads, the Greenwood Library participates in a book leasing program through McNaughton. These titles are shelved on the small bookcases in the middle of the Atrium and are designated with green labels. You can browse the entire collection here and if you're interested in what's new, look out ... Continue reading →
5.7 update
Hi all! Today we are upgrading to wordpress 5.7 (along with updates to plugins and themes). Check out the details here:
Making Good on Our Commitment to Affordability: Tuition remains the same ...
Making good on Longwood’s commitment to affordability, the Board of Visitors (the university’s governing body) decided at their most recent meeting that there would be no increase in tuition this year, making this the second time in three years that Longwood's budget has not included a tuition increase. Longwood’s average percentage increase in tuition over ... Continue reading →
Working toward a return to "normal" this fall: Covid-19 vaccinations for ...
I wanted to be sure you were aware of the email that went out yesterday (Wednesday, June 9) to students attending Longwood this fall letting them know that they will be required to have a Covid-19 vaccination. Here are some of the key points from the email: —The American College Health Association’s latest guidance states ... Continue reading →
Junior Year
June 2021 Hey blog, quick update ... Well I made it through junior year and a pandemic, something I am truly grateful for because not everyone was as fortunate. COVID-19 took more than half a million lives and cost millions of jobs. This past year I added a homeland security minor, a criminal justice minor, ... Continue reading →
Professional Development
I have not attended any conferences this year, but it has been a huge year in terms of my own professional development. I took MANG 391 with Professor Carey, which helped me greatly to learn how to act both in and out of the workplace. The biggest thing that I did in that class that ... Continue reading →
Cyber Security 1 Enhancement
In the fall of 2020, the first semester of my junior year, I took ISCS 376: Cyber Security 1. This was the first upper level class of my concentration that I took, so I was very excited about it. Through it, I learned a lot and was always very excited for every class. I learned ... Continue reading →
Honors Business Ethics
This course taught me a lot about being responsible for my actions as well as taking responsibility for wrong doing. I will definitely be taking what I learned an applying to my future job after Graduation. What I learned most was how to make proper decisions regarding right and wrong actions.