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BIOL 206
Attached is an assignment completed for Anatomy and Physiology 1 that was taken fall semester of 2018. Throughout the semester we had several assignments where we were given essay prompts that were to be answered in one to two pages. in the particular assignment I had to discuss a muscular system disorder and answer a ... Continue reading →
US History: 1877-Modern Times
When starting college, I was not expecting to be assigned a group project. I assumed it would all be individual work. The experience was something typical. We got together and discussed each person's role in the project. The meeting went well, but reliability was lacking in a few members of the project. All things considered, ... Continue reading →
Sociology in Practice
Honors: Music Appreciation
When I noticed I was signed up for a music class, I was fairly excited about it. I loved classical music and so I was looking forward to the course. When taking this course, I found that it was my least stressful class. I found that over time, my understanding of classical music deepened and ... Continue reading →
World History I
In this class, it took me some time to adjust to the system my professor taught in.  She was very enthusiastic about what she was teaching and it made me step back a little bit and just get through the class. It took a little while before I would answer questions in class and really ... Continue reading →
Attached above is my final project for my Honors Human Growth and Development class. This project was a combination of three different interviews I conducted from three different age groups. Alongside this paper, I had to give a presentation the last week of classes discussion what I observed and was able to learn first hand ... Continue reading →
Attached above is a link to my final project in my HONS CTZN 110 class. This class was called Bodies and Citizens. The basis behind this course was how bodies or groups of individuals were perceived throughout society and whether or not they were accepted as citizens. Our final project was based on the same concept. ... Continue reading →
Honors: Inquiry to Citizenship-Bodies and Citizens
When stepping into the first honors course of my college career that so happened to be a pilot course as well, I was not expecting great things. I struggled to find direction and adjust to my section of this multifaceted course. I was pleased to find out that my section was focused on historical topics, ... Continue reading →