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Journal 3!
This week will mark week four of my internship! I’m really excited and happy with the way things are going. What I like is that every single day is different. Nothing we do is the same or goes the way we think good or bad. I have learned that communication is everything is the business … Continue reading Journal 3!
Summer time!!
Summer is a great time to get a new tan, try some new fruits, and relax. However, that's not the case for student athletes. While most people are sitting on a beach, I am in my garage lifting weights. While others get to sleep in, I wake up at 6 am to go for a ... Continue reading →
My name is Danielle Rauchwarg and I am currently a sophomore at Longwood University. I am a member of the Cormier Honors College and am pursuing a degree in Music Education. I am a piano student and am also a member of the Advanced Singers.
Journal 5- Part 1 Summer Internship
One communication theory I have witnessed over the course of my internship so far is the social exchange theory. This discusses how relationships are formed through cost-benefit interactions. For example, if a person puts a lot of effort into something for another person, they expect that cost to pay off for them in the future. […]
Hello world!
Welcome to Longwood Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
About me!
As a Communication Sciences and Disorders major, my future goal is to become a Speech Language Pathologist. I am looking forward to my senior year at Longwood University. Even though I have only been at Longwood for a semester as a transfer student, it has become my home away from home. In Spring 2016 I made ... Continue reading →
Final Portfolio!
The experiences that I have had at my internship over the past few weeks has been extremely valuable.  While there have been a couple of challenges that have arisen throughout its course, there have been even more learning opportunities.  This opportunity has better prepared me for future careers should I choose this as a career ... Continue reading →
About Me!
Hello! Welcome to my blog! My name is Brooke Gallion and I am a Senior, majoring in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Elementary Education! However, despite my major focusing on teaching, this blog is dedicated to one of my lifetime loves: the ocean and, most specifically, the mammals that inhabit it! This blog will ... Continue reading →