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Change in location for A&P tutoring starting 2/1 it will be in Chichester ...
Rhetoric as a mode of altering reality
“Professional Writing” is a rhetorically-grounded endeavor.  Rhetoric refers to both the content of what someone communicates as well as the theory that explains certain forms of communication.  The rhetoric courses offered by our Professional Writing Program, such as "Rhetorical Criticism" (ENGL 301) or "Visual Rhetoric" (ENGL 303), provide you with the tools for uncovering the deeper ... Continue reading →
Virtual Spanish tutoring will begin 1/31
Hello world!
Welcome to Longwood Blogs. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!
This is Jake's portfolio for Soc 477
Wordpress 5.8 upgrade
Wordpress updates will occur on the afternoon of 1/10/22, this will include some plugins and themes as well. Check out the new features here:
Life Hack: Tips on oil painting
When you think of painting with oil it could sound really intimidating at first. Oil paints provide deeper colors and are thicker than acrylic paints. They do take longer to dry but they are overall better quality and blend a lot better than cheaper paints. What first comes to mind for me when I first ... Continue reading →
Welcome: Get to know me, Sadie Cohen
My name is Sadie Cohen, and I am a freshman at Longwood University and also play field hockey there. I am curious to learn more about digital writing. I want to learn more about it and look at it differently than I do now. I enjoy studying about teaching not only myself but the next ... Continue reading →