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Why Ask Your Students to Create e-Portfolios?

E-Portfolios provide a valuable platform for authentic assessment. They challenge students to show what they can do along with what they know. They require students to pull together skills and knowledge from multiple areas, including their own life experiences. E-Portfolios help students connect the dots and take responsibility for directing their own learning and they can provide students with a coherent picture of what the institution is looking for in its graduates. By displaying learning outcomes in the navigation, e-Portfolios encourage students to think about how they will meet institutional expectations and how their personal learning goals relate to outcomes of the institution.

Each time students use e-Portfolio in their own coursework—showcasing their best work, reflecting upon what they have learned, or presenting themselves to audiences both at and beyond the college—they contribute to an ongoing and substantive documentation of their educational careers.

Learn how to have your students add assessment outcomes to their e-Portfolios.

Troubleshoot e-Portfolio technical questions.

Consider Selected Works to create your own e-Portfolio.

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