Post #4

For my selected artifact, I will be analyzing a marketing company, MTKG and exploring the rhetorical straggles on how promote high quality branding, with creative and engaging strategies.


I am specifically analyzing this company’s website. As far as exigencies in this artifact go, the only challenge that occurs in the rhetorical situation is how the website is poorly executed. When I did further research on this company, I found that they work for larger brands, such as the NFL, Leggo, Toyota, and more. Their website, however focuses more on advertising their company’s message. While it is clear that they strive to please their audience, the overall content of their website could use some work. Some options would that organizational rhetors include what specific brands sponsor, in order to bring in a larger audience, as these brands are highly well known.



The audiences that seem to be the most appropriate for the rhetorical situation are functional audiences. Because this company sponsors very well-known brands across the world, the characteristics of a functional audience go hand in hand with this company. For example, according to the textbook, functional audiences consist of “employees, customers, or suppliers.” (Hoffman, Ford, 66). Thus, with such large brands taking place throughout MTKG, they attract audience that may work for the brands, as well potential customers and suppliers.


Constraints and Assets 

I don’t think I have a perfect answer for how it may be difficult for the organization to answer the exigencies, because they provide no explanation. However, what makes it easier is that they do value people. Not only do they pride their hardworking staff, they take into consideration that their audience may be attracted to a company that is welcoming, and hard-working, therefore, that could be why the content of the rhetorical artifact focuses less on the specific brands, and more on people, because that is their targeted audience.


Rhetorical Situations 

One rhetorical situation that is similar to other types of situations is risk. The company does put themselves at risk by not properly executing a more specific website. What they may need to take into consideration is how well they advertise their company, because if they don’t they are taking a risk on the success of performing strong rhetorical situations.