Post #2

For my paper, I will be analyzing a marketing company, MKTG. MTKG focuses on connecting branding with people all over the world. I chose this company because it has consists of an audience that goes from average consumers throughout the country, all the way to large companies including Toyota, the NFL, Lego, Wells Fargo, and more. This company cares deeply about influencing their audience emotionally, which is something I believe I can achieve with my own personal skills, thus, studying about a company such as MKTG provides with an opportunity to explore my career path.

By researching this company and learning more about their focus on effective marketing, I am able to gather a plethora of information on how to apply rhetoric into this assignment by observing how they use it to attract their audience, in this case, with marketing strategies. As an Associate Social Media Content Manager, I would work towards providing fresh and exciting ways to grab MTKG’s audience by coming up with abstract branding ideas alongside a team of professional marketers. Their main vision is this: “MKTG seeks boundless opportunity in helping achieve great, emotionally affecting life experiences. For the world’s leading brands, we architect and execute strategic, business-oriented marketing solutions via sport and entertainment, live experiences, retail marketing, enterprise/B-to-B engagement, hospitality, and sponsorship marketing.” ( Because we live in a growing and diverse society, I feel that there is always room for creativity, and this company supports using it on a daily basis.