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Humanities @ Longwood

Celebrate the humanities at Longwood University! Check this blog site for further information.


Fresh and Organic Longwood Blogs!

On December 13, 2012, we will be upgrading Longwood Blogs!  Below are some of the exciting new features.

Media Upload Icon

The single media icon is meant for all file types and the new drag and drop interface makes uploading easy.

Theme Customizer

Theme Customization allows you to try on new themes in real time and changing the header, background, title and menus all in one place.

Twitter Embeds

Twitter Embedding feature allows you to add the URL of a tweet on a line of its one and it will automatically be embedded in a clickable way for easy replies, re-tweets, and following.

HTML Caption


HTML Image Caption allows you to include basic HTML in image captions, so you can give credit for the image or link to relevant information.


2012 Countdown: Blogs @ Longwood

Times Square Ball Drop

Happy 2013 to Longwood Blogs!

We have accomplished a lot in 2012.

Together with the Library, let’s countdown blogging highlights including some of our great projects, experiments, and achievements:

10:  Cook-Cole Faculty News & Notes

keeps doing a great job on sharing scholarship activities and projects of faculty members from the College of Arts and Sciences

9: Incite: Journal of Undergraduate Scholarship

prepares for 2012 publication

8: Greenwood Library

has migrated to Longwood Blogs and offers an easy to navigate, more streamlined interface and a friendly user experience

7: Department of Psychology Book Club

has kicked off with discussion of Kelly Lambert’s The Lab Rat Chronicles book

6: First Year Reading Experience @ Longwood

shares the Longwood community’s perspectives on reading The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

5: Join the Conversation: Branding

provides feedback about what makes Longwood special.

4: Insider – community-produced newsletter for faculty and staff

offers timely updates, alerts, announcements created by the LU community for the LU community

3: Graphic Design Senior Project

documents  art students’ working process of their senior projects

2: LU @ Yellowstone

provides inter-disciplinary lenses @ Yellowstone National Park

1: LU students across disciplines

publish and engage others in academic content daily on Longwood Blogs!

[Image by Flickr user Atomische Tom Giebel/CC-licensed]

2012 Featured Blogs