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The Night I Heard Everything

the NightMary Carroll-Hackett’s fourth book since 2010 has just been released from Future Cycle Press.  The Night I Heard Everything is a collection of prose poems that traces a life spent in liminal places, particularly that often shadowy and always sacred realm between life and death, touching on both the isolation and the grace, even the bliss, such an existence can bring. Poems made of love and heartbreaking loss, the collection works toward healing, a reconciliation of soul and self, of body and spirit, of the peace to be found even while walking with a foot in both worlds.


Interculturalization and Teacher Education

InterculturalizationTogether with two colleagues, Dr. Renee Gutiérrez, assistant professor of Spanish, recently published Interculturalization and Teacher Education: Theory to Practice (Routledge).  In this study the authors examine how socio-cultural beliefs, institutional structures, and external accreditation bodies interact in the process of interculturalization, highlighting the incentives and barriers as well as strategies to implement and maintain interculturalization projects.

Dr. Kenneth A Pestka II receives grant from Siemens

Dr. Kenneth A Pestka II has been awarded a grant from Siemens PLM for Femap with NX Nastran (valued at $678,500). The grant provides an opportunity for Longwood University physics and dual-degree engineering students to have access to this world leading finite element modeling software. This innovative software is used in advanced manufacturing, research and development within aerospace, automotive, medical, hi-tech electronics and other industries. The partnership between Siemens PLM and Longwood University will enhance academic and research programs as well as provide students an opportunity to learn sought after technical manufacturing and design skills. For more information contact Dr. Kenneth A Pestka II (pestkaka@longwood.edu).

Dr. Amorette Barber Receives Genomics Grant

Dr. Amorette Barber was awarded a GCAT (Genome Consortium for Active Teaching) Synthetic Biology grant to purchase genomics analysis software for Longwood’s Genomics Computer Core and multiple research computers in Chichester Science Center (software is valued at $9,100). This software will be used to help students design synthetic biology, genomics and next-generation sequencing projects and analyze the associated data in many classes including BIOL 324 Genetics and BIOL 425 Modern Genetics, and in individual research projects.

Longwood Playwright Brett Hursey’s “Small Doses” opens at Waterworks

The following excerpt is from an interview (“psychological intervention”) with Longwood playwright Brett Hursey. Hursey wrote Small Doses — a collection of seven ten-minute comedies — soon to be produced by the Waterworks Players on February 20th and 21st at 8:00 pm.

Question: So, are you happy with the production so far?

Hursey: Well, the writing is absolutely brilliant — but the Director is a compete idiot without a shred of taste.

Question: Who’s directing the show?

Hursey: I am.

Question: Where do you get your ideas?

Hursey: Usually they come as a result of medication… or the lack of medication.

Question: Why is Small Doses made up of seven short comedies — instead of, say, six?

Hursey: Because I figured I could do more damage with seven.

Question: Is it true there is a man dressed as a Giant Rabbit in one of these shows?

Hursey: Yes.

Question: Is it true there are talking Egg and Sperm in one of these shows?

Hursey: No comment.

Here’s a link to a longer Hursey profile:  http://www.longwood.edu/2012releases_43624.htm

Tickets for Small Doses can be purchased online at http://waterworksplayers.org/buy-tickets
Or call 434-392-3452 to make a reservation.

David Shoenthal

David Shoenthal, Associate Professor of Mathematics, was published in the Journal of Humanistic Mathematics. His article, “Improving Project Success in an Online Mathematics Course,” appears in Volume 5, Issue 1 (2015).

Leigh Lunsford

Leigh Lunsford, Professor of Mathematics, presented “Helping Statistical Concepts ‘Click’ with Students” (January 10) and co-taught the MAA minicourse “Teaching Introductory Statistics (for instructors new to teaching statistics)” (January 11, 13) at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, TX.

Wendy Smith

Wendy Smith, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, co-presented “Turbo-charging freshman engagement in introductory courses through a 2-lecture motivational seminar on how and why to succeed at college mathematics” at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, TX on January 12, 2015. Dr. Smith will expand on this topic at her Blackwell talk on March 16, 2015.

Thomas Wears

Thomas Wears, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, presented “Lorentzian Ricci Solitons On Nilpotent Lie Groups” at the 2015 Joint Mathematics Meetings in San Antonio, TX on January 13, 2015.

Brett Hursey’s plays win awards

Brett Hursey’s original plays were produced 25 times in theatres across the United States in 2014, earning 23 awards. The venues included four off-Broadway sites in New York.