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Emergency downtime

Hey folks, we’re back! Sorry for the downtime on Wed evening and Thursday (3/16). The hamsters that power our server got tired and needed a nap…they are back on their wheels now and things are looking good!

One note: if you use either of the Feed Comments or FeedWordPress plugins those will be available Thursday morning (3/17). We had to disable those during our troubleshooting. We are working on re-enabling those plugins for those that were using them. Feel free to enable them yourself if you beat us to it (your plugin settings should come back on activation)!

Thanks for your patience!


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Login timeouts

Heads up! Whenever you leave your blog logged in for eight hours with no activity you will now need to re-login to continue blogging. We don’t want random folks (or perhaps your pets) to accidently post on your blog.

– Longwood Blogs Support Team
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Themes Page is Fixed

We’ve made a change to the blogs that we hope fixes the blank or downloading themes page for all you bloggers.  Please let us know in post comments or contact form if you’re still experiencing problems with your themes page or any other blog function.


Themes Page Problems

I just wanted to let everyone know that we’re aware of the problems with loading the Themes page on your blog dashboards.  We’re looking at ways to fix this as soon as possible.


Update and downtime! Thurs – July 28th

Funny how those two words are often found together! We will be updating blogs from 8-9:30am on the 28th. Your blog content will still be viewable during that time; however we will temporarily disable logins (and editing) at some point to complete the update.

Here are a few new features you will see after the update:

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


Possible Downtime: Thursday, March 17th

We’ve planned to do some maintenance and updates for Longwood Blogs on Thursday, March 17, 2011.  Albeit most of you bloggers will be on Spring Break then or you might not even notice any downtime, the possibility still exists, so you have been warned.

More on the substance of the updates to come…