Rat Mohawks

I hope you’re all still enjoying the book; I know I am!  I tend to read several chapters in one burst, and then not again for a while (life gets busy).

So far my favorite chapter is the one about rat hairdos.  First of all, it was hilarious.  But it also helped me to see the parallels between rats and humans; the state of hair/fur can definitely tell others something about health.

Which chapter have you liked best so far?

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone for the end-of-semester book club meeting at Dr. Blincoe’s home on November 27th at 5:30.  More details to come!

Dr. Buchert

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Midsemester Face-to-Face Meeting

Hello, Book Club!

We are looking forward to our midsemester in-person meeting that will take place next week on Tuesday, October 9th from 3:45-5pm in Ruffner 315.  Please bring your book and, if possible, a small dish to share (as we decided at the last meeting to make this one potluck).

Dr. Catherine Franssen from Longwood’s Biology department will be joining us to talk about her personal experiences with Kelly Lambert (author of the book) and some research she has done with Dr. Lambert.

By the time we meet next week, if you have been sticking with the suggested reading schedule you’ll be working on Chapter 6 of the book.  If you know you will not be able to make the meeting, please let Dr. Gibbs or Dr. Buchert know so that we can get a rough headcount.  Looking forward to talking rats with you!

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suggested reading schedule

Hi all,

Just as a reminder, if you’re following our suggested reading schedule, this week you should be reading Chapter 4.  From now on, we’ll be on a one chapter per week schedule.

Remember that this shouldn’t feel like homework–if you get a little behind and need to catch up later, no worries.

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Week 1 Discussion

If you’re following along with our schedule, you have read Ch. 1 & 2 by now.  Have your readings so far changed your viewpoint about rats?  How/why/why not?  What are some specific items that you found interesting?

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We’re a good-lookin’ bunch!

Department of Psychology Book Club (Fall 2012)
Front (L-R):  Ezra Edmonds, Stephanie Baker, Logan Stigall, Jenny Mills, Kate Pisarek, Cynthia Harris, Dr. Blincoe
Back (L-R):  Liz Woodacre, Samantha Powers, Daniel Sweid, Brittany Williams, Ben Baker, Dr. Gibbs, Amelia Perry, Dr. Buchert, Sarah Kessler



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Your rat’s name?

What a great first meeting yesterday!  We are really looking forward to reading this book and working with so many people who love psychology and love to read.

Remember to comment here with your rat’s name!


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Mark your calendars!

Hello, members of the Department of Psychology Book Club!  We are very excited to be reading Kelly Lambert’s The Lab Rat Chronicles this semester.  We will meet in person three times, and will be using this blog as a discussion forum throughout the semester.

Please make note of the following official face-to-face meeting times.

  • opening meeting (you will receive your loaner book; we will get to know each other; we will discuss timelines & goals):  Tuesday, September 11th @ 3:45pm in Ruffner 315
  • midsemester meeting (we will touch base regarding questions/issues/comments, Dr. Catherine Franssen, who has worked closely with the book author, will join us):  Tuesday, October 9th @ 3:45 in Ruffner 315
  • end-of-semester meeting (we’ll wrap up; dinner will be involved):  Tuesday, November 27th @ 5pm (location TBA)

If you are not able to attend any or all of these meetings, please let Dr. Gibbs or Dr. Buchert know so that we can keep you updated.  Looking forward to a great semester!  See you next week for our first face-to-face meeting.


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