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Subscription Postcard

Hello everyone,

Here is my final magazine! I am really excited about this revision and hope it is strong enough to pass my assessment.

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October Checkpoint

So this is it! Here is the final version of my project. Hope y’all like it. Over the months I’ve learned about the importance of quality research and not falling in love with your first idea in order to develop a more quality design that will communicate effectively with the intended audience.

Perseverance Magazine final Brochure

Perseverance final smallest file


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Finishing Up

After working with Mr. Register on my Logo I have finished the last components of my project. I chose to use the rounded lines as my graphic across the front of the books. They mimic the ones in the logo. This way, there is a sense of unity, and gives some interest to the background. My poster files are on my Hard Drive and will be posted once I get back to school on Monday. I also have a presentation that will be on the CDs shown the the logo file. The clipboard sheet and logo are inside the coaches manual.





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September Checkpoint

This month I’ve been working on taking photographs for my posters and fine tuning my booklet. In my booklet, I included a quote by the host of the show Extra, who survived stage 3 metastatic melanoma, which had spread to create thyroid cancer as well. I just loved the quote he had, which told people that a yearly skin exam could save your life, which is exactly what I’m trying to get my audience to do.I also tried playing with the color images and grayscale, but I like them in full color much better.

After showing this work in Senior Sem, I decided to change my posters and add a lot more of them. I’m going to make them speak a little stronger to the fact that skin cancer will kill you if it is not treated right away. So I’ll be taking a more “get your act together” attitude in my posters and book. In addition, I’ll be adding a small box to the back of my booklet, which will be able to detach from it. In the box, there will be a small, mylar ruler so that people can make sure they aren’t getting growths larger than 3 cm, one of the warning signs of cancer. This box will also include a form that could be taken to the dermatologist for him or her to mark areas on the body that need to be watched for any signs of evolution. I think that will make my project a bit more interactive and in depth.

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So after a friday meeting, it has been made clear to me that I should do collage so here are my good attempts thus far.


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September Checkpoint

This month I met with my professors and discussed what I needed to refine. It was suggested that I change my font and text size. So I have chosen Folio Studio and change the font size to 12 on all of my booklets. I’ve also created a back cover to use for the all books as well, which acts as an advertisement for the website, and establishes me as the author of the tutorial series.

I have purchased paper for printing. I just obtained two different kinds of paper, one type for the front and back covers (Neenah Classic Crest, Solar White 110lb) and the other for the individual pages (Neenah Bright White 65 Lb)

I plan to print this week so I can show printed versions of my book in my meeting on October 4th. The only thing left after that will be to upload the revised versions online, and print out and create a life sized cutout of the character.

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Late-September Update

I have put off the most vital part of branding until almost the end of my design process, mainly because I am stumped. Everything in my project has common themes and graphic elements that have to do with the sports world, but my main concern is my logo.

After last Spring’s mid assessment I have been tip-toeing around my logo, hoping to come up with something that doesn’t come off as a “joke” (see old logo). And also hoping that by working on other parts of my project something would come to me.

I have attached my previous logo as well as new designs for my potential final logo. I really enjoy figure/ground relationships and have used them in other parts of my project (will be uploading soon after I figure out logo). I want something that is clear to the audience that this is a concussion prevention, treatment, and recovery campaign.

Here are my New Head Strong Logo Ideas

Below is my Old Logo.

Old Head Strong Logo


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September Checkpoint

Perserverance Sept Update small file

Perseverance Magazine Brochure

So the blog site will not let me upload the update to my online version of my magazine because the file size is too big, so I’ll be emailing the zip to the professors. I received some guidance from Wade about print layout and read “Layout Essentials” and “Making and Breaking the Grid”. I tried to make the layout have more white space to let the work flow better between columns and between articles. I think this version is more successful in that respect. What do you all think of my progress? Do you think it’s final assessment worthy? I really hope so, especially since it’s only 24 days away. Yikes. Any feedback is appreciated! And since the comment thing seems to be broken on here, please email me: Thanks guys!



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Food for Thought

After a conversation with retired art teacher Kelly Klug, I had to re-evaluate my entire project (convenient being that I am to be assessed soon). She told me she would gladly give advice and lesson plan ideas, but had one concern. Would I be providing an out for schools with art programs already implanted to cut their costs and just have other teachers follow the lesson plans in the book? The thought had never even occurred to me because I was directing it toward schools with no program in place. She gave me some awesome advice to provide more of an outline/informative book that would still help districts with no programs. Instead of piling all of the lesson plans into the book as the focus, I will be more carefully picking the ones that focus on brain development and core course related projects. Just some food for thought.

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Early September, Adding a new component

After talking to the West Potomac High School football coach on Tuesday afternoon, I am adding another component to my project.

We were talking about how visual young athletes are and how things make more sense to them when they can see it instead of read it. He said another thing that I should look into doing is a large poster for locker rooms. In this poster he said that I should some how demonstrate the common statistics as well as what my campaign is trying to accomplish.

I plan on taking this idea but instead of one poster, I plan on making 3: One for prevention, another for treatment, and one for recovery. These are the three main components on my campaign. The statistics will be in the booklets for coaches and parents as well as the presentation.

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