Service is crucial in every community. Service can be categorized as small or large, however both just as important in the world around us. I have always cherished moments when I help the community. As Longwood nad the Farmville community have given such a support for me, it would be unjust to not serve. During my freshman year at Longwood, I have participated in a few services. As it was cut short due to the coronavirus, I had not been able to participate in as many services as possible. I was part of the Helping Hands Quitting group to help the local Heritage Baptist Church deliver Christmas presents to children in Africa. This event required lots of lifting and moving, which we, the men’s soccer team, helped out as a whole. It was really enjoyable to see so many gifts and made me happy to see the reactions of children. I was also part of the Special Olympics Powerlifting Competition. This competition was a humbling and proud experience for me. To see the passion of the people with special needs to have such a community to support them warmed my heart. I was glad to have helped out, talk to support many special athletes.