Letter To My Senior Self

Dear Senior year Nathaniel,

Congratulations on finishing your four years of college, but also a lifetime of school. You have been educated and lived in three countries across the world! I am only a freshman writing but I cannot imagine the struggles you have persevered through in your college experience. This freshman year has been great and I would hate to be in your position. But I thought it would be good to remind you of a couple of things. You have come to another end of a chapter in your life. However, remember that this is only the beginning of your lifetime of struggles and success.

The Longwood and FarmVille community has connected you with friends for life and equipped you with the tools needed to start your career. Never forget that. Life will only get tougher as you grow old. I want you to always believe in yourself. I want you to hold tight to your faith. I want you to have the mental strength to run through every obstacle. Never lose the motivation and drive you had. And remember that all these tough times are just what make you a better and stronger person.

I am exited for this transition of your life. I would wish you the best, but I know whatever comes your way you will make the best out of it. I’m not sure if you will find a job that you are passionate about, but give 100% in whatever you do in the real world. Facing the real world sounds scary now and must be even more scary then, but dont worry you’re not alone. Trust your decision, dont rush into anything and most importantly enjoy life.


Freshman year Nathaniel