In my life, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many different cultures and communities through education. I have studied in Hong Kong, England, and now the US. During my time in High school, I went to a well-known boarding school called Millfield Senior School. Millfield school emphasized on the importance of community and support in education. Through these core values of Millfield, I have thrived in my academics and athletically, and have learned the importance of having a supportive and caring community. Not only have I learnt about the importance of a good community in my academics, but also in sport. Representing my country Hong Kong at an international level and playing for my school team, I have always had a small community around me. I have become aware of the importance of having a supportive, motivated and competitive community is fundamental to achieve success. During my visit at Longwood, the community of Longwood and Farmville immediately showed these key characteristics to support my goal of achieving my best self. The Longwood community has surprised me with the personal and  genuine caring relationship the professors have for students to achieve their best potential. The Farmville community has also surprised  me with the loving and kind-hearted environment which I have enjoyed. The kind and loving environment is what I enjoying working in and am thankful of being able to experience this. Together with Farmville and Longwood, I believe that I have the support of the community for me to achieve my potential and succeed in life which I am grateful for.