Academics has always been vital in my life. I believe that I have achieved success in academics due to my discipline and hard work. I always have had to put in the extra work to fully understand topics and ensure I produce high-quality work. In the first semester, I underachieved in my grades. I received 3 A’s and two B’s with a GPA of 3.68. I needed time to transition from the English academic system to the American education system. However, I am proud of my achievement as I have tried my best to achieve the best grades. Also, I believe that the most important aspect of education is not the grades but the knowledge gained. After having a semester to adjust to the American education system, I am proud to say that I have a GPA of 3.92, achieving all A’s and one A-. I enjoy learning in the American system and have learned not only textbook knowledge but also transferable knowledge in the real world. With the scholarship, I feel responsible for keeping my academics at a high level, which benefits the university and myself. I am thankful for having this platform for myself to achieve high standards in my studies, and I am excited to achieve success after my time at Longwood.