ANTH 200: Cultural Anthropology

This Cultural Anthropology 200 class fulfilled my requirement for the Civitae Foundations level course. Professor Dalton was the professor in charge. This course has been one that has broadened my mind in the field of cultural anthropology and helped me gain a deeper understanding of the foundations of our society. It sparked a new joy and excitement for the study of human cultures and societies. The course encouraged independent thinking and challenged me mentally. I learned a lot about the importance of my personal mindset and thinking to interpret cultural anthropology and understand its role in shaping our society. The final consisted of bringing a cultural anthropology project to life. I had to interview relatives and create a detailed family history, which helped me understand the cultural background of my family and how it relates to the larger society. Through communicating with classmates, it was amazing to see the wide variety and creativity of different cultural anthropological projects and how they relate to our society. Overall, I enjoyed this class as it broadened my mind about interpreting cultures, understanding their relevance to our society and thinking independently.

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