CTZN 410: Lancer Launch Pad

This class was an honors class that fulfilled my requirement for my civitae symposium requirement. This class encouraged students to analyze information from the post-COVID-19 pandemic and launch a small business or non-profit to solve the transition.

In our group, we decided to solve the community issue of the lack of healthy food for college students. We created a survey and found that around 81% of the students we surveyed on Longwood’s campus were interested in a personalized meal plan. Many students with a Longwood meal plan have difficulty finding foods they can eat or requesting changes to foods based on their dietary restrictions. This is a problem all across the country because 36% of U.S. college students have experienced food insecurity at least once. 

We aim to limit food insecurity nationwide by giving students a quick and cost-effective option. Our startup is called UniFood. UniFood is a company that offers healthy options promptly and at a cost-effective price. We have paired with local farmers to provide the freshest food around. We created a website to provide all the information about our company and for customers to purchase our product.

This class taught me much about creating a startup, from generating an idea to team collaboration, financing the startup, and much more. This class has sparked many ideas and motivated me to learn as much as possible to create my own startup in the future.