Music 106

Music 106: University Choir (SA)

I took this class with Dr. McDermott during the Spring of 2020. Throughout this class, we learned a select collection of music, but unfortunately, we were not able to perform them in concert because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also learned some music theory and how to properly read and learn choral music.

This class continues to be my favorite part of the day because of the comfortable atmosphere and openness that the music department seems to exude. We learned a variety of music this semester with the focus of Joan of Arc and it was really interesting since she was such an awe-inspiring person. Dr. McDermott continues to be a huge advocate for self-care and finding time for oneself and that message still continues to inspire me and helps me take care of my wellbeing.

We were only able to get in one writing assignment for the class this semester and I was very interested in the song and the message that I got from it. The song “The Last Words of David” is a very emotional piece that has very strong chords and tempo and I was very sad that we were not able to perform it in concert!