Religion 342

Religion 342: Religion and Literature

I took this class with Dr. Blincoe in the Spring of 2021. This class focused primarily on theistic existentialism and its effect on literature and philosophy. I have always enjoyed every philosophy class I have taken and this one was not the exception. I feel like I learned a great deal about the best ways to live life and approach relationships with others.

This class introduced me to several philosophers I had yet to learn about and it was very exciting. I feel like I learned a ton of new perspectives on life and religion than ever before. My favorite philosopher by far was Edith Stein, a Jewish nun during the Holocaust, who managed to still find a way to love others and the world despite all of the horrors she faced daily.

Towards the end of the semester, we read a really interesting book entitled “Viper’s Tangle” by Fran├žois Mauriac that touched base on a variety of the issues we learned about, especially what Edith Stein strove to teach. I ended up writing an analysis of this book and what I felt like the ending was trying to teach the reader and what kind of philosophical thought Mauriac had exemplified in his character “Louis”.