Honors 361

Honors 361: The Problem Of Evil

I took this class with Dr. Blincoe in the Fall of 2020. This class focused primarily on the problem of evil in religion and the arguments for or against this issue. At this point in my academic career, I am very interested in philosophy and theological argumentation. This class really interested me and through it, I feel like I learned how to argue and have a conversation with others about what I believe and listen to what they believe as well.

With my philosophy minor, I feel like I have yet to explore all of the arguments and issues that a lot of modern philosophers deal with. This class brought me one step closer to understanding these arguments and helped give me a solid introduction to the problems and issues at hand. This class really helped me grow as a person and helped me realize the amount of respect that every conversation and argument should be approached with. Not only is it important to respect other’s opinions and beliefs, but it is important to understand them as well. I believe this class really humbled me and helped me figure out how to approach certain conversations with others without breaking down their beliefs or giving up my own.

The final project for this class was a group project and I had a lot of fun doing it. Two others and I worked on this dialogue together that helped show three different views of the problem of evil from characters we had invented ourselves. This project was really creative and definitely had me exploring all I had learned during the semester to a fuller extent.