Honors/Philosophy 320

I took this course called Markets and Morals during the Fall semester because I have enjoyed taking courses taught by Dr. Blincoe in the past. Before this course, I was not really interested in economics or the philosophy behind the market. However, as always, Dr. Blincoe made this course very interesting and I learned a lot. As a part of this course, we had to read several articles on the various types of economies including capitalism and socialism along with other less popular forms of economics. For my whole life, I have identified as a capitalist but after this course, I began to question my true stance on economics. As a part of the course, before each unit, we had to write a reflection about a topic that was going to be covered in the unit. I have attached the first reflection that I wrote about the definition and purpose of work.

Citizen 110

To fulfill the requirements for my foundations courses, I took Citizen 110 in the fall of my freshman year. The theme of the section that I took was ethics and morals. In this course, we learned about different ethical theories and ethical principles. Each class, a reading was assigned, and we were required to take notes on the text and be ready to argue and discuss the ethical theory or issue the next class. In addition to the different ethical theories, at the end of the semester, our class discussed the moral issue and the different viewpoints on two controversial issues that affect society today. The two topics that were discussed in class include abortion and euthanasia. For our final exam, we met with the professor during office hours and discussed one of the issues with him. The one requirement was that we had to back up our arguments and points with the different ethical theories presented in class.

To teach us how to take proper reading notes, we had to turn in our notes until the professor found that the notes were satisfactory. Below, I have attached my reading notes that were marked satisfactory from one of the readings along with the reading.

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Chemistry 111

For my scientific reasoning pillar, I took Chemistry 111 in the fall of my freshman year. This course taught the basics of chemistry and why certain reactions occurred. For this class, there were three lectures during the week and lab once a week. During the lab meeting, experiments were conducted to reinforce the different topics that were taught in lecture. Also, for lab each week, we had to turn in a mini lab reports and for the final lab of the semester, we had to complete a complete lab report using the different techniques that we had applied throughout the year. I found that I was able to better understand the material because we were able to apply the material in lab. Below, I have attached my final lab report which contains all of the components that were used on our weekly lab reports.

English 210: Honors

Ever since I was in high school, I have been interested in 9/11 so when I learned that there was an English course that I could take that was dedicated to literature about 9/11, I was so excited. In this course, the professor gave us several readings that were not exactly about 9/11 but had central themes that tied to the event, such as war and personal security. When I thought about an English class, I mainly thought that only we would be reading books, but every class, the professor tied in movies, television series, and commercials that showed the same central themes as the books discussed. I loved learning about how to analyze the different texts and television shows to find the ways that these connected to the ideas taught in class. At the end of the semester, after finishing the readings, the professor assigned us a major project which could be on any topic that we wanted and any format that we wanted as long as it tied the readings to 9/11. I have attached below the personal narrative that I wrote for this project about how the events of 9/11 have changed my career and training as a First Responder.

Spanish 111

In lower, middle and upper school, I took both French and Spanish as apart of the college-prep curriculum taught at my school. By the time I got to college, I had taken over four years of Spanish, and I knew that I wanted to increase my knowledge of this language because it would be most applicable in the nursing field. In this course, we learned about the basics of Spanish, but also, we learned about the Spanish culture. I loved Professora Sanchez’s class because instead of just lecturing, she was very interactive and passionate about us learning the language and the culture. At the end of the semester, Professora Sanchez divided the class into partners, and we had to create a presentation about a significant holiday in a Spanish-speaking country. I have attached the presentation that I completed on the country of Costa Rica and the celebration of Del Día de la Independencia or Independence Day.

Education 245: Honors

I took this course to fulfill the Human Behavior and Social Institutions pillar along with a requirement for the BSN Program the fall of my freshman year. In this course, we learned about the different developmental stages that humans go through and the changes that occur in these stages. We also discussed the various theories that describe the changes involved in the development of a child. To help us apply the material to real-world experiences, we were completed a project called the Three Ages Project. The requirements for the project included a ten-page paper and presentation based on interviews of children who were in the toddler stage of development, pre-teen stage of development and the teenage stage of development. For my project, I interviewed a 5-year-old, 12-year-old, and 17-year-old. I have attached my paper below.

Honors 495

When I signed up to take this course on the topics of love, sex and friendship along with the philosophy behind these relationships, I did not expect to learn as much as I did and I did not think that the arguments would change my way of thinking due to already having taken a class on ethics with Dr. Blincoe in the fall. However, at the end of the semester, my opinion has changed drastically. At the beginning of the course, the basics of ethics were covered as they had been in my previous class. Towards the middle of the semester, I began to learn about the philosophical reasoning behind various types of relationships and different views about how these relationships develop or grow. The texts provided in class allowed me to reflect on my previous and current relationships along with giving reasons for certain occurrences within my relationships.

My favorite reading assigned during the course was C.S. Lewis’ The Four Loves. Even though it was written in the 1960s, I was able to relate to and apply the content to my personal relationships. The chapter “Eros” talked about the role of erotic love and sex within a relationship which allowed me to examine my previous relationships and my current relationships. Also in this book, the section on friendship and the different facets of friendship provided arguments and explanations as to why some of my friendships dissolved and reasons why some of my friendships are as strong as they are. Going into future relationships, I will put more thought into the characteristics of the other person and whether the relationship will be beneficial or not based on the material that I learned in class. Before, I thought that there were only three types of love: friendship, parental and romantic. This course has taught me that there are so many more types and there are multiple aspects to every kind of love. I especially enjoyed the guest lecturer that explained the psychology behind love which furthered my understanding of the different types of love and the ways these types affect our lives.

As a part of the course, we had to write papers about certain themes in the class that argue for or against the material presented in class. These papers allowed me to better understand the matter and allow me to form an argument for or against each topic. The attached paper is one that I wrote on the topic of whether males and females could be friends without the friendship evolving into a romantic relationship.

Letter to Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,


   Congratulations, you finally did it! I am so proud that you overcame all of the obstacles that came with freshman year. I hope you continue to fight against the odds that have been placed in your life. I know that it seems like these past three years have been miserable and filled with sleepless nights studying for tests, but I promise that when you look back, it will be worth it. Even though you will probably be tired of learning, but keep going, and don’t stop until you walk across the stage for your Nurse Practitioner and your DNP.  

After all of the clinical rotations, I hope that you choose the area of nursing that you love the most and feel like you make the most difference. As a nurse, you will be able to touch the lives of so many people. Continue to volunteer and make a difference like you have wanted to since you were little. Don’t forget where you came from and what your values are. When you look back on your years at Longwood, I know that you will feel like time went by too fast and like this place has become a second home to you. Even though you don’t want to leave, spread your wings, and do the most good that you can in the world.



Freshman Madison