Letter to Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,


   Congratulations, you finally did it! I am so proud that you overcame all of the obstacles that came with freshman year. I hope you continue to fight against the odds that have been placed in your life. I know that it seems like these past three years have been miserable and filled with sleepless nights studying for tests, but I promise that when you look back, it will be worth it. Even though you will probably be tired of learning, but keep going, and don’t stop until you walk across the stage for your Nurse Practitioner and your DNP.  

After all of the clinical rotations, I hope that you choose the area of nursing that you love the most and feel like you make the most difference. As a nurse, you will be able to touch the lives of so many people. Continue to volunteer and make a difference like you have wanted to since you were little. Don’t forget where you came from and what your values are. When you look back on your years at Longwood, I know that you will feel like time went by too fast and like this place has become a second home to you. Even though you don’t want to leave, spread your wings, and do the most good that you can in the world.



Freshman Madison