Thea 101 (Pillar Class)

When I first got my schedule in the fall, I was pretty surprised to see I was enrolled in a theatre class. I had never done theatre, and had never planned on doing any type of theatre because I hate being on stage. Lucky for me, when I finally went to my first theatre class, I learned it was more about the history of theater versus actual theatre. We learned all abut the different types of theatre, and the history of theatre. It ended up being a very interesting class that I enjoyed attending. We had a lot of presentations and speaking in front of groups which I thought was super helpful to prepare for my career path of being a teacher. Overall, Dr. Campbell made this class into one of my favorites, and I hope to take a class with him again soon.
Attached I have included our first project which was to research a famous artist from the theatre business, and I chose to research Paul Gallo. Gallo is a famous lighting designer and he has a had a huge impact on the theatre world.

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