Goal 2: English 150 Writing and Research

In English Writing and Research, we discussed the importance of rhetoric in academic writing and explored methods of researching, particularly through APA and Chicago Manual formats. These elements of writing have greatly enhanced my understanding of the three major parts of writing: language, structure, and reference. We also focused on understanding how writing varies across the college curriculum and later researched the particularities of our writing within our own majors. As a biology major, I researched the use of language, structure, and reference within the discipline of biology, which was helpful in preparing me for various of genres of writing within the sciences. We also wrote several rhetorical analyses on different publications, which helped me to gain a new perspective as a writer and audience when analyzing documents. My last rhetorical analysis is shown below. The knowledge I gained from these projects and the class in general has greatly improved my writing skills and has prepared me for professional writing in my academic career and beyond. WID Final Draft