Goal 6: Natural Science Inquiry – Biological Concepts

I completed this goal by taking AP Biology I & II my junior year of high school. Before this course, I was only exposed to very basic science and little experimentation. In AP Biology, we dove deeper into the intricacies of science and performed more complex experiments that sparked my interest in research. We covered everything from mitosis to evolution to the human nervous system. I remember coning to class excited to learn more about how the living world around us works. It was because of this class that I decided to pursue a science major in college. Now I am a biology major and I have relied on the foundation I built in AP Biology to help through my first few college biology classes. I am also now a research assistant and still use some of the techniques I learned in AP Biology (like breeding and handling fruit flies!) in my current research experiments. I am looking forward to expanding my biological background and developing my skills as a researcher during my time at Longwood.