Introduction to Neuroscience

Introduction to Neuroscience was not formally an honor’s course; however, I enhanced this course because I wanted to dive deeper into some of the topics we covered in this class. Neuroscience is a subject that is extremely interesting to me and I hope to pursue a medical career that includes neuroscience. Because of this, I wanted to take this course with an honor’s perspective. For my enhancement, I helped create lab activities, attended extra office hours to discuss various topics with my professor, and performed research about the different academic applications of neuroscience in order to bolster the development of Longwood’s neurostudies minor. Although the enhancement was definitely a highlight of the course, I also really enjoyed the neuropharmacology unit of this class, especially learning the mechanisms of addiction. Below is my powerpoint presentation on alcohol’s interactions with the chemical neuronal synapses and how chronic alcohol exposure can change the chemistry of the brain.